The secrets of girls' cosmetic bags?

Tue Dec 06 18:32:02 CST 2022

Many girls who love skin care and dress up have a difficult choice every time they travel far away. They want to bring all kinds of bottles and cans, and they can't wait to bring a small schoolbag out.


In fact, you really don’t need to bring so many things for business trips~ Girls always rack their brains to save some space for their cosmetic bags. Over time, they will have these tips~


Simple comes first

This experience requires girls to remove the things that can be removed without hesitation while maintaining basic skin care and main makeup effects. such as:


Skin care products

The most necessary: cleanser, face towel, moisturizing lotion, essence, ampoule, facial mask

Add as appropriate: face cream, whitening products, hand cream, body lotion, eye cream, exfoliating, scrub...


Beauty products

The most necessary: sunscreen, makeup remover, cushion and liquid foundation, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, cotton pad

Add as appropriate: makeup primer, eyeliner, concealer, loose powder, blush, eyebrow powder, eyebrow cream, trimming plate, makeup brush, eyebrow knife, perfume...


Of course, special skin types such as sensitive skin and acne-prone skin need to be added   Sample, travel outfit


When buying skin care products, everyone should have saved a lot of samples, which is very useful when traveling on business! Of course there are perfumes that most girls use! The mini bottle is easy to carry and reapply at any time.


What if there are not so many demos? Travel kits are also a very good choice! Sometimes we really want to try high-priced products from a certain luxury brand, and we also recommend that you buy a travel outfit, and it’s not too late to start after checking your eyes~


The next step is to learn how to pack, pour the large bottles of makeup remover, water lotion, etc. at home into the divided bottles and take them out. The liquid should not exceed 100ml, which is convenient and quick to pass the security inspection.

One thing with multiple uses


If you want to help slim down your cosmetic bag, you must use more relentless tricks! For example, use facial mask instead of lotion, cushion to get makeup primer and liquid foundation, lip and cheek dual-use eye shadow, eyebrow powder for eye makeup and repair... According to your own makeup needs, use existing products to make multiple combinations, there will be Surprised~


Try not to bring loose discs

It is still necessary to remind the careless girls: Taking into account the problem of bumps, try not to bring more fragile powder discs! For example, cream eye shadow can replace eye shadow scatter, reducing unnecessary losses.


After talking about these tips, of course, I will plant a cosmetic bag and skin care bag for everyone!


When traveling, we usually seal and open three bags of things we need to bring: cosmetic bag, skin care bag, and washing bag. The products are arranged in different categories, so it is comfortable to use. Speaking of cosmetic bags, our shell cosmetic bag is the first to be recommended, which has two major advantages!


Multi-compartment storage

Practical cosmetic bag, with strong partition function and easy to carry style, moderate size, and sometimes even put down the brush, fry chicken is practical!


Large capacity grid

This body-shaped storage bag is the best fit, and it is very suitable as a collection bag for makeup and skin care products.