Small coup teaches you to store bags to save space

Mon Dec 12 18:26:22 CST 2022

Small coup teaches you to store bags to save space

How to store bags is always a headache for women, because bags are different from clothes and cannot be folded, so enough space is required to store bags. But not every woman can have an ideal large wardrobe for storing bags. Today I will introduce a few tips for storing bags.

The first trick, big fish eat small fish. As the name suggests, the way big fish eat small fish is to use large packages and small bags to store bags one by one. This method is more suitable for bags with harder leathers. Generally, when storing bags, the most troublesome thing is this kind of bags, which cannot be folded or squeezed. At the same time, some fillers must be installed in the bag to avoid being squeezed and deformed. Putting a small bag into a large bag not only saves the space needed for storage, but also serves as a filler for the bag, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

The second trick: roll the package into one roll. This method is more suitable for canvas bags. Because of the material, this kind of bag can be folded freely and is not easy to deform, so we can safely roll the bag into a circle, and then lay it out according to the color depth. When you usually need it, see what color system you need. The package is also very convenient to find.

The third trick is to make your own bag storage bag. The closets and cabinets are full, but there are still too many bags. What should I do? In fact, we can try our own DIY and make a simple bag storage bag, which can easily solve this problem. You need to prepare enough cloth in advance and cut it to twice the size of the bag. After cutting, fold the cloth in half from the middle and stitch the two ends together, so that a simple storage bag is ready. Of course, this is just the step of making a bag storage bag. You can make multiple storage bags according to the number of your own bags. After making multiple storage bags, fix these storage bags to a rope and hang them behind the door. Or on the wall. When you don’t use it, you only need to hang it on the wall or behind the door, and it won’t take up much space. If you want to use it, just pull the bag out from the side.