How do women choose bags?

Mon Dec 12 18:27:58 CST 2022

How do women choose bags?

Men look at the watch, women look at the bag! The bag has become a must-have for every MM dress up, and it is also a symbol of identity and taste. People have thousands of faces, and there are thousands of different kinds of packages. The textures, styles, and colors are dazzling, and the combination of them is even more numerous. However, everything has certain laws and principles, and the matching of bags is no exception.



Height and bag should pay attention to complement each other. People with short stature are suitable for choosing delicate bags instead of large bags on the shoulders, so as not to appear clumsy.

If you are taller than 165 cm, try to choose a bag that is about 60 cm in length and can be stored upright in a magazine-sized bag; of course, a small bag is also suitable for you and can be slender.


Fat and thin 

Nowadays, thin is beautiful, but if you are too thin, your breasts and PP may not be so plump. Generally speaking, a thin MM is suitable for a bag with no edges and soft edges, which can neutralize the sharpness of the skinny beauty and highlight the gentleness and gentleness of women. You can also adjust the length of the shoulder strap so that the bag is flush with the hips, or PP does not look so flat.

Fat has the trouble of being fat, and the breast shape is too big and it seems too plump. Many people choose a bag that extends horizontally to block the plump breast shape. In fact, it's not that you can't use small bags, just choose small bags with sharp edges and corners.



The fair-skinned MM is the coolest, and there are many bag colors to choose from. Choosing a pink bag will look extra youthful, soft and sweet; choosing a dark bag will make the skin look fairer and more tender and moving everywhere. But there is a point to note, don't wear bags that are too cold, so as not to look pale.

Wheat-colored skin is healthy, you can also try different color bags. White and black are easy to erase sparks with wheat, and relatively darker colors are more suitable for lighter colors. It's best not to use the very pure big purple bags. People are generally close when interacting with people. Putting together very contrasting colors may cause visual discomfort.

For dark skin, brown bags are the main ones, and other colors can be used to adjust. Try to avoid using dark gray, so as not to appear lackluster.

When you look at a bag and don’t know what color is right for you, you might as well try black, there may be surprises!



The color must be based on the color of the clothes. The bag can be adjusted in different colors, but it should not be too obtrusive. You must pay attention to the style. Wearing a small formal dress and holding a canvas casual bag is definitely not suitable. In a word, "seeking change in the same unity".

Choosing a suitable bag can add luster to your overall image. Therefore, when women pay attention to clothing, they must choose the right bag!