Bag maintenance tips you don't know

Mon Dec 12 18:34:20 CST 2022

Bag maintenance tips you don't know

It is said that bags are a woman's second lover, so how should we treat our "lover"? After buying a bag, especially the expensive bags that are bought at a high price, it is more necessary to know the correct maintenance techniques. If we don't treat it well, it will soon wither and fall, and the flower will lose its color. Today we will talk about some techniques and methods of bag maintenance.

Q: What kind of protection measures should be the first choice for the leather bags that have just started?

Answer: After buying a leather bag, don't worry about running around on your back. We have to "wear a dress" for our leather bags. For leather bags, especially the very expensive first-layer cowhide bags, we buy After that, a layer of "dermis coating agent" must be added to it. Many people may not have heard of it. This is available on Taobao. In fact, we usually have contact with leather coating. When you take care of the seats inside the car in the car beauty shop, the masters of the beauty shop will wipe the car seat after cleaning the car mount. ". After adding this to the bag, it is actually equivalent to adding an extra layer of transparent film to the bag. With this, it can effectively prevent dust and dirt, and prevent dirt and dust from entering the fiber pores of the leather.

Q: The better the quality of the bag, the more waterproof it is?

Answer: The best quality bags are leather bags, but leather bags are not necessarily waterproof. Normal leather bags are added with waterproof and oil-repellent materials. Moderate waterproofness is ok, but you must use it quickly after getting wet. Wipe dry with a clean towel (use glasses cloth or sponge is better). If there is water, it is easy to get moldy. Generally in rainy days, if you need to travel, it is best to carry the kind of patent leather bag. The waterproofness of patent leather is definitely stronger than ordinary bags, because a layer of paint is sprayed on the surface of the leather or PU, which has a smooth and bright effect. , This is the process of patent leather, this layer of paint can effectively waterproof, and it is easy to wipe clean.

Question: How to deal with the oily dirt that is difficult to clean on the bag?

Answer: The first choice depends on the material of the bag. If it is PU, microfiber, PVC, nylon, denim and other non-leather bags, we can use soap and detergent, and then use a clean towel to scrub. But if it's real leather, don't use soap or detergent. Decontamination of the dermis requires the use of "dermis cleaning agent", which is available on Taobao. The dermis must be cleaned with a professional, otherwise it will easily damage the cortex.

Question: Can the bag be exposed to the sun after being wet?

Answer: No, no matter what material the bag is, you should avoid being exposed to the sun. If it is wet, wipe it with a clean towel first, then use a sponge to suck up the water on the surface of the bag, and place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally. If it is leather, direct exposure to the sun will cause the leather to dry and crack, even if it is not a leather bag, it will fade if exposed to the sun.

Q: What should I do after the bag becomes moldy?

Answer: Moldy bags are usually caused by damp. You must always pay attention to moisture. If there are signs of damp, take it to a ventilated place and let it dry for a while. After the mold develops, the first choice is to dip a sponge with an anti-mold detergent to completely clean the mold ash from the mold spots, and then put it in a ventilated place to dry. After drying, remember to wipe off the mold and antibacterial agent on the surface of the bag to thoroughly treat the mold (a spray gun is better, you can even spray on the surface of the bag, the price of the spray gun on Taobao is about 80 yuan). The "anti-mold cleaners" and "anti-mold antibacterial agents" used here are also very cheap. The price on Taobao is about tens of yuan a bottle, so you should keep it at home. (Additionally, if you don't have these things in your home, vinegar is also possible, but the effect is not as good as professional cleaners.)

Q: Can shoe polish be used to maintain bags?

Answer: No, leather shoes and bags are two different things. You can't use shoe polish to maintain your bags to save money. If you use shoe polish to maintain your bags, the result will be color fade. This is the result of my personal testing. Usually, remember to apply professional care oil on leather bags. This kind of good quality, Taobao price is about 100 yuan a bottle, if it is a luxury bag you buy, usually remember to apply professional care oil, after all, it will cost a lot. Don't take care of the bags you bought too much.

Q: How should the bag be placed when it is not in use?

Answer: Non-woven bags are going to be used here. When everyone buys bags, the sellers will give them non-woven bags. I believe that many people throw this away as rubbish and think it has no effect. In fact, it is wrong. Oh. Non-woven bags have a very important role. We put the bags in the non-woven bags, which can play a role in dustproof, and also have water-repellent and moisture-proof functions. More importantly, non-woven The cloth is also breathable, so that when the leather bag is stored, it will not be as impermeable as it is in a plastic bag and cause the leather of the leather bag to be too dry and damaged. If it is a stereotyped bag, you can put paper in it when not in use (generally, it is included in the bag when you buy a stereotyped bag, remember not to throw it), you can hold up the shape of the bag to prevent it from being deformed after being left for too long. .

Q: Is it necessary to wax leather or PU bags?

Answer: Generally, it is not needed. The purpose of waxing is to prevent water and oil. When the bag is made, waterproof material is usually added to the surface. Waxing is not necessary. In normal maintenance, it is actually enough to wipe the surface with professional leather care oil.

Q: What should I do if the bag is damaged or damaged?

Answer: If the valuable leather bag is damaged, get it to a professional leather repair shop to repair it in time. Don't worry about it yourself, so as to avoid bigger problems. At this time, you need to have a "surgery" on the bag. Then it has a brand new look. Normally, if the leather bag is broken, there is no need to repair it. If the old one does not come, the new one does not come, so just change the bag.