About Us

Our History

Our company registered Dongguan Tianqin Packaging Products Co., Ltd. in 2010, which mainly produces all kinds of packaging products; in 2020, we will develop the handbag business and establish Dongguan Yihua Handbag Co., Ltd. to produce various sewing products; it can be customized according to requirements Proofing and production of various handbags, cosmetic bags, tool bags, men's and women's shoulder bags, leisure bags, etc.; with high quality, the products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other places.

Our Factory

The factory is located in the world's manufacturing capital-Dongguan. The factory has all kinds of production equipment. It provides a one-stop service from early sample design and proofing to mid-term purchase and production to later finished product shipment.

Product Application

Products are widely used in outdoor recreation, tourism, mountaineering, sports, meeting guests, banquets, etc.

Production Equipment

Our company has: computerized DY car, high car, column car, computerized embroidery machine, paper cutter, beer machine, punching machine and other production equipment.

Production Market

Products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States and other places.

Our service

1: Powerful handbag factory, price advantage;

2: Products can be customized and produced;

3: Quality assurance: If there is quality problem, it can be repaired or made up for free;

4: Become a VIP customer and provide samples for free;

5: With more than ten years of industry experience, the factory has many models for customer reference.