Dongguan Yihua Handbag Co., Ltd.

Our company registered Dongguan Tianqin Packaging Products Co., Ltd. in 2010, which mainly produces al kinds of packaging products; in2020, we will develop the handbag business and establish Donguan Yihua Handbag Co., Ltd. to produce various sewing products; it canbe customized according to requirements Proofing and producton of various handbags, cosmetic bags, tool bags, men's and women'sshoulder bags,leisure bags, etc; with high quality, the products are mainly exported to Europe, America,Japan, Korea and other places.The factory is located in the world's manufacturing capita-Dongguan.The factory has all kinds of production equipment.It provides a one-stop service from early sample design and proofing to mid-term purchase and production to later finished product shipment。